Field Trips Field Trips Carol Testerman explaining about the dairy Carol was a wonderful speaker and host for our group field trip Mar. 2011 when OGCFW made a field trip to her farm and dairy in Collinsville Texas last year. 153578280 Inside the store at the dairy Looking at Carol Testermans little CSA store at the Rand C Unpasturized milk dairy in Collinsville Texas Mar. 2011 153578278 members shopping at R & C dairy Making a purchase from the dairy farm store 153578279 Carol explaining about how the farm operates Carol was telling us about their operation on the farm and at the beautiful dairy at R and C dairy 2011 153578283 going to take a inside look at the milking staion Our group looking at the milk barn. 153578281 nanny goats at R & C Checking out the goats! 153578282 1 week old goats playing The little goats were very cute and fun to watch! 153578285 the babies in the nursey Baby goats in the nursery! 153578284 Organic Garden Club members helping at Sams open house June 2-2012 Weighting up produce! 157192559 Nellie and Esther helping at Sam Perez open house 2012 Handing out samples 157192560 Esther and Maria at Sams checking out the beautiful produce! 157192561 Bird and bee houses at Sam Perez open house 2012 157192562 Sam's Cayanne Peppers blue basil and many other veggies! Big beautiful Peppers! 157192563 Sweet bell and cayanne peppers at Sams open house 2012 157192564 Tomatoes,Peppers and more at Sam Perez's open house 2012 157192565 Sam was there to hand out samples and great watermelon June 2012! 157192566 Visitors at Sams open house June 2,2012 157192567