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I have really large grubs worms in my compost pile-Are they good bugs or bad bugs?

What you have are definitely friend not foe in your compost pile and are beneficial in the garden.  Rhino beetle , Hercules beetle and Ox beetle are all large and most have horns on their heads.The  larvae  may be up to 3" long and the adults more than 3". They are predatory bugs eating aphids and other plant- sucking bugs.

I need help controlling fire Ants.Do you have a recipe for Ant Control?

Fire Ant Control  Receipe 
[Courtesy of Jay Mertz-former owner of Rabbit Hill farms) 

In a 55 gallon plastic barrel add 1 five gallon bucket of composted dairy cow manure(Black Kow).fill the barrel with water, for 3 days has often as you can can stir this mixture. let the solids settle to the bottom. Then fill some old milk jugs almost full with the compost tea. add 6 Tbsp Molasses and 4 Tbsp of D.E. you can pour as much as 3 jugs of tea down a large mound .in a matter of days the ant will be gone.